Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 - making changes

I don't like new years resolutions; after failing too quickly at too many I've learned that they don't work for me and so I don't do them anymore.  However there's nothing like a new year, closely preceded by a birthday, to help focus if the mind on what could be changed to improve life.

I know everyone keeps telling me how wonderful and positive and inspirational I'm being about my health and sight and life but believe me, it's an act and it's running out of time.  I'm not coping that well with it and I'm at risk of going into quite a despondent place (especially given the time of year and dark winter days) if I keep focusing on what I've lost rather than what I can and will do.

So.... I'm going to:
- make an attitude adjustment to focus on gratitude even in the darkest days
- actually ask for help rather than wishing people would offer
- stop regretting and ruminating on what I can't do and instead celebrating what I can
- change a few small things at a time to help me feel better, rather than trying to revolutionise everything at once

And most importantly. I won't beat myself up when I fail and I won't compare myself to anyone else.

Wow; that last one is a major hurdle in itself.

So wish me well, it's going to be a journey.

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