Friday, 22 January 2016

Fitbit Freakiness: Floors

I'm finally getting used to my Fitbit charge HR; well obviously using it is easy, I just wear it; but trying to understand what the dashboard is telling me has been interesting. After a few weeks I decided to stop trying to figure it all out and just embrace the crazy and freaky things my Fitbit tells me.  But it's boring doing that on my own, so thought I'd share some of them. 
Today it's "floors".
Floors is meant to tell you how many fights of stairs you go up each day.  It sounds simple, but apparently my Fitbit finds it quite hard.
I have awful problems going up and down stairs.  I am not stable on my feet, with MS balance issues and blindness issues and pain and exhaustion.  Basically I come down the stairs in the morning and I go up them again at night.
Isn't it weird then that for the last few days I've climbed no flights of stairs?  I know I woke up in my bed so the only sensible conclusion is that I levitated, cool!
And one day I climbed four flights of stairs?  Really?  I don't remember that at all.  I must have been sleep walking. 
What Fitbit freakiness do you experience?
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