Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Two weeks in #healthyeating #ms

I'm into week three of my healthy eating as a way of taking control of my MS.  I can't say I'm in less pain or feeling less symptoms but I'm definitely more energetic.  I'm having to learn to not use all this energy at once though because it's causing me more pain, but I'm sure I'll find a balance. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the food and I'm over the cravings pretty much.  I'm into a routine and its working as a family with me swapping out pasta for courgette noodles or salad.  Rachel has been trying lots of my smoothies and salads and concoctions and surprising herself with what she likes.

The definite problem area is eating out; you can't find anything vegan, nut free, gluten free, sugar free and sweetener free.  But perhaps when we try and go out I'll find the best option and suffer any bad effects which might result.  (I tried to have a little naan over the weekend and my tummy wasn't happy that night.)

What else is there to share?
Well the 10lb weight loss has been a nice boost.
And I'm addicted to avocados.

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