Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Slipping and Sliding #ms

It might be rainy and windy outside but it's not icy and there aren't any slippery leaves.
Yet yesterday I kept slipping, sliding and falling over
In fact it even continued when I was home
On a nice non slip carpet
Oh yes
I forgot
It's not the floor
I have MS
I hate the pain and the pins and needles and stiffness but what I hate most of all is not being able to trust my body any more.  I can't trust anything down my left side.
I don't trust my left foot to go down properly
Or my left leg to actually stay straight
Or my left arm to move normally
Or my left hand to grip at all

And it's really really really annoying and more and more becoming dangerous.
Yesterday evening I went from completely fine to a falling over
Twice in ten minutes I managed to save myself
But then I fell four times in the next hour
And that hurts when I land
And means I drop things

That's all.

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