Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Don't want to moan but.... #ms #blind

I feel like I come here and moan
And I don't want that to be something I own
Because life is both up and down
There's no permanent frown
But when it's good I'm out on the town (or by the sea)

I think the advent wreath is a good illustration
About what I am trying to mention
For every five days or so
There's one that can go
Take a run and a jump down below

But the other four are not half bad
Although frustrating sometimes I am glad
To have those good times
Though not caught in rhyme
But I write when I'm feeling sad (or mad)

And right now
I'm mad
Because no one seems
To get it
None of it
It's so annoying
Drives me to distraction
And then the looks
Like I'm crazy
But it's not that
I can't SEE!!!
And I need help
And things have to change
Both in my head
And around the place
And no
You can't leave
Anything on the floor
Or stairs!
The stairs?
I can't see
Did I mention it?
Perhaps I didn't make it clear
But I'm being mean
Because you forget
And I need to remember that
And I'll try
If you will
Will you?
Family counselling anyone?

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