Wednesday, 20 January 2016

That report about the cure for MS

I love the fact that there's been a breakthrough of sorts in treatment for MS but it's frustrating that it's being hyped as a wonder cure when actually it's a long way from that.

The treatment is for people with relapsing remitting MS, unfortunately that's not me any more.

The treatment involves giving chemo - that made some people a lot more sick than they were before and showed that it's a balance.

There have only been 3 real success stories and they're nothing short of miraculous, but it's early days and who knows what's to come. 

I wish them well and hope they continue to be well. But hope others won't have their hopes raised only to be dashed.

More research is needed, let's celebrate the fact that it's happening and keep funding more.

Here's a report which provides some facts MS Trust

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