Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What I can see: candy crush #blind

Rachel and I were playing the "what can you see" game again yesterday and she was interested in how I can still play candy crush. 

Yes, I'm a candy crush addict.
No, I'm not ready for abstinence.

I can use accessibility tools to zoom into most things on my phone, but not games.  Rachel finds it really weird that I still find it relaxing to play candy crush and I was finding it hard to explain. 

So she used her photo editing kit to create something which we think is as close as we can get to what I can see.  I told her it's really blurry, really really blurry; and the colours are muddy and quite similar to each other.  I can just about figure out which colours match and if I get it wrong, well it's only a game (yeah right!).  

Of course I really can't make anything out in the blurred and less coloured version to confirm it's right, but it helped Rachel so I thought I'd share it here as well.

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