Saturday, 12 November 2016

MS Calling has gone home to LLM Calling

I started writing MS Calling exactly a year ago, it seems like it's been so much longer than that, but it really was 12th November 2015.  MS Calling: A bit of an Introduction

Looking back it's clear that I was hoping to keep the MS as a part of my life and therefore I started another blog to keep all talk about MS at a distance.  But what's become clear over the last 12 months is that MS is part of me, and that it will have less control over my life when I accept that it's part of who I am.

In reality, MS has been part of my life since I was 17 (possibly longer) but because I never had a diagnosis for all the crazy things which I used to experience I just got on with it.  Well guess what - I'm just going to keep getting on with it - after all I don't have any other choice.

What this means for blogging is that I'm bring MS Calling back into the fold and taking it under the banner of LLM Calling.  I haven't entirely figured out how that will work for the existing posts - because I don't want to loose the posts which I have written over the last year - but I am sure I will find a way.

All new posts I write about my life, no matter what they refer to, will be at LLM Calling - that's everything from parenting to marriage, from faith to politics, in poetry or prose, from physical to mental health, from birth through to death.

Everything together, accepted as part of the whole.
Come and find me soon.