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I am Emma, mum to Rachel and wife to Mike.  I'm over 40 and under 50 and living with Multiple Sclerosis and it's side effects which include loosing my sight and a large amount of my mobility along with pain and fatigue.

I have been shocked how different, and mostly harder, life is with a disability.  The world is not set up for access on wheels or with very little sight, let alone both.  I challenge you to find something with a blindfold on; that's my biggest bugbear right now.

But I'm not giving in; I am fighting on. I will keep working, parenting, socialising, eating out, enjoying concerts and the theatre, visiting museums and theme parks and travelling the world.  And whilst I do all this I am going to review what it's like here on my blog.

I have already started reviewing places I go for Euan's Guide and for Attitude is Everything and am also including my findings about access on my TripAdvisor reviews where I'm a Senior Contributor.  I have reviewed the various apps and magnifiers and mobility scooters I've tried and I will keep doing this as I try new products, good and bad.

By reviewing products and services I can:
- help companies improve their service to customers by hearing what works well, or not
- increase exposure of companies and their products when they are seen as accessible
- help disabled people find out where they can go and have a positive experience
- highlight products which disabled people might want to use

What it's like for me.  
At home
I don't feel disabled much at home, I know my home and mostly it's set up so I can do whatever I want or need to do, within limits I've come to accept.  But without the amazing support I get from Mike and Rachel I wouldn't be able to make meals safely or do washing or even have a shower.   I am not stable most of the time, I live with constant pain and fatigue and the tools which I have to help are cumbersome and become a trip hazard for my blindness.    I'm on the look out for products and services which can increase my independence.
Do you have a product or service that you would like me to try at home and review? 

In the World
When I'm out and about things get really hard.   I can't just assume that my mobility scooter will get into every building, be accepted on every mode of transport or even have enough battery to keep going all day long.  I can't see much either which means I need to have someone with me (although I'm in the process of being assessed for a disability dog which I hope will give me more independence) and that makes the use of the scooter even more exciting.
Would you like me to come and visit your shop, restaurant, venue or holiday and review? 

If you would like me to reviews a product, business or service then
- leave me a comment
- tweet me @emmuk74
- DM me on facebook

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