Friday, 18 March 2016

Young Carers Assessment

Earlier this week, following a meeting with me, the lovely young carers worker from the local authority came round and met Rachel.  She came and chatted about the things that Rachel does to help me and to ask Rachel to fill in the young carers assessment.

I knew this was to happen.
I agreed to have the first meeting.
I agreed to have this assessment.
In fact I felt good as a mum that I was making sure Rachel is well cared for.
But it was hard.  And reflecting on it now, when she's at a friend's house because that's what normal kids do and I want her to be as (awesome) normal as possible, it's even harder.

Rachel completed an assessment where she ticked what she did to help me either:

Against the following types of care:
Domestic Tasks - Household chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing , shopping and gardening
Emotional Support - observing emotional state, providing supervision, trying to `cheer up ` the carer recipient when they are low in mood, talking and listening.
General Care - tasks such as administering medication, changing dressings and assisting with mobility.
Intimate Care - lifting, washing, dressing, and assisting with toilet requirements
Child care - care for younger siblings in addition to other caring tasks.
Other responsibilities - any other miscellaneous tasks such as bill paying, translating, or accompanying to medical appointments.

Well Rachel helps me get dressed, 
helps me stay safe up and down the stairs, 
washes my hair,
helps me shop, 
helps me cook, 
helps me clean up, 
helps me read letters, 
helps me get about on my scooter 
and more.  
There it is, front and centre, she is a young carer.   
She doesn't think she is, but she is.   
I knew it, I know it; but it doesn't half make me feel guilty.  
I'm so thankful she will now have a route to ask for help when she needs it.  
I just wish she didn't have to, and I wish I didn't need her to.
There it is, reality.

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