Monday, 7 March 2016

Mother's day, not a great day

Mother's day
Not a great day
Not for me anyway

I miss my mummy
What she might have been
But wasn't and still can't be

And that hurts
Will always hurt
A deep wound in my heart

And that's not all
Then there's the years
Of not being a mum tears

Of hating the day
And what it meant
And what I wasn't sent

Until one day
I became a mum
But not for long

Suddenly mum day
Brought a new stain
Of loss and endless pain

No child in arms
Was I really a mum?
I wished to feel numb

Then Rachel came
And the joy wiped pain
For she and love are the same

And this day
For some time was OK
But the memories still play

So yes, it's still hard
Though I adore her card
And she makes me so proud

But there's pain
Always will be
On this day epecially

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  1. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes - your poem beautifully expresses both the pain and the love. Thanks for sharing with #whatImwriting

    1. I can't read it now, it's too raw, I think it's been in me for many years and this year was the time for it to be written. thanks for your comments xxx

  2. this is so beautiful and expresses perfectly how it has such mixed emotions for you xx

    1. I speak to so many people who find Mother's Day tricky, it just touches on so many aspects of motherhood and raises expectations of mothering which are hard to reach. thanks for your lovely comments

  3. What a lovely poem, sorry to hear of so much sadness. Glad there is joy too #treasuredmoments xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, there's always joy, I am blessed with the joy of a child. thanks for visiting and linking

  4. Beautiful picture of you and your girl. I'm so sorry Mother's Day was so mixed emotionally for you. Lovely poem too. xx #WickedWednesdays

    1. I love the photo as well, it's of a moment which are always the best ones. Thanks for visiting and reading xxx

  5. So many mixed emotions for you on Mother's Day, that must be a rollercoaster. I really feel how hard it has been in the past for you, but also that there are positives now to smooth the ride. x

    1. Thanks Alice, your comment is poetic in itself.

  6. Such a lovely poem. I can so relate in many levels. #wickedwednesdays

    1. hugs back to you in your being able to relate xxx

  7. Ah I'm so sorry you have hard bits on Mother's Day. Thanks so much for linking up on #wickedwednesdays. Hope to see you there this week! x

    1. thanks for hosting us all, it's a great linky with lots of people visiting blogs (which doesn't always happen)

  8. Such a lovely poem but thank you for sharing. A lovely picture of you and your girly xx

    1. thanks Natalie, it's such a blessing to know people like my poetry

  9. I agree with you - I think mother's day can bring up a lot of emotions for so many people for a lot of reasons. This is beautifully written. Lovely photo of you & your little lady. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #bloggerclubuk x