Thursday, 17 March 2016

My manifesto for a fairer society

Yesterday I sat on the sofa with my head in my hands and my heart in my throat listening to the budget 2016.  There'd been bad news in the few days before including a huge cut in disability benefits which would thrust thousands of vulnerable people into poverty; and a commitment to making all our state schools academies, thereby selling them off to the private sector.

I have to admit that, thanks to how bad the prior news was, the budget statement wasn't as bad as it could have been.  There were reductions in taxes for small businesses, great news; and a freeze of duty on petrol and diesel, which is a relief for us all.

But it certainly wasn't great news either; there was a mention of a large cut in the welfare bill over the next few years and crazy ideas for "adordable savings" which aren't and I'll blog about separately.
As I was reflecting on the whole situation in the UK at the moment I had an epiphany! 

The Tory government is attacking the key public services in this country including:
- schools
- local councils
- support for the disabled
- support for families in poverty

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour leader) seems like a good guy but he's an idealist rather than a leader of a party in opposition; there's no real opposition in action in Westminster.  If there was then surely these cuts to the most important services for the most vulnerable in society would have been shamed out of existence.

So here's my plan.
If we all get together, from all sectors being attacked, then we would have a strong voice and real influence. 
Who's with me?
This is about doing something positive, rather than just complaining about how bad things are.
If you'd like to give your time, energy and money to help those less fortunate than yourself then let's get together and make a difference.  

Perhaps you can give an hour of your time to drive someone to the doctor or hospital it to the shops?
Perhaps you can offer your diy services fregift charge?
Perhaps you can offer your time in a local school to help with reading or IT or share whatever skills you have.
Perhaps you could raise awareness of the local foodbank to get more donations and tell people it's there for them.
Or do you have cash you could give to a local charity, perhaps as a loan for school shoes or as a gift for books.

I guarantee we all have something we can offer; and by working together we can make life better for those in need; and probably for ourselves as well.
Locally, regionally, nationally it's down to us who care to bring about change.  

Let's do this!
Now, not later
There's no time to waste
UK society in free fall
Soon it'll be too late
We must support each other
Make neighbours more like friends
Stop thinking about ourselves
It's time to make a change
If you have skills to offer
And I guarantee you do
Then give them to someone who needs them
It'll be of benefit to you too

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  1. I get it - this is about building a community spirit, something I firmly believe in.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  2. I think we all have the power to make a difference. Even if our contribution is small, lots of small contributions add up to a big impact. #prose4t

  3. I totally agree with Sara and with you on the fact that every one has the power to make a difference if they speak loud enough. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x