Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Amazing news from the DWP #poetry #treasuredmoments

I know, I know
There are two words
In that title
Which shouldn't be together
But believe me
It's true
I'm not pulling your leg
Despite all my fears
I've been approved
Yes approved
For full, full, full
Enhanced PIP!
And more
Yes there's more
It's approved
Which means
I don't need to worry
About what will happen
In two years
Or three
Because it should
Just keep rolling
I feel like leaping
Except that I can't
But I'm really ecstatic
That the stress has passed
And it's been agreed
That I deserve support
In terms of money
From this Government

So what will I do
With this money
That's coming?
The first thing's a wheelchair
An electric one
I'll post more about that
When I have it in my hand
Then there's pain relief
In acupuncture
and Physiotherapy
The money
Should cover
One session a week
And then there's a car
Which makes travel easier
A Motability car
Again I'll blog 
When we decide
Which car is right
But for now
This Easter holiday
It means
For Rach and me
That we can get about
We'll get in a taxi
And we won't be so stuck
Reliant on everyone else
This is what it means
Getting back
Some independence
Being able to live
My life as me
That's the crux of it all
PiP is approved
So I can get back
As much of my life
As possible

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  1. Delighted and relieved for you, Emma - hallelujah! xxxxxx

  2. Congratulations hun this is wonderful news! It sounds like this money will make a huge difference to your lifestyle. I look forward to hearing about what car you choose & your new wheelchair. Best of luck to you! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk

  3. Wow what a change in the quality of life this will bring! Good luck to you, glad you have peace of mind for a short whilexx