Saturday, 26 March 2016

On the way

On the way
To the flat today
We took a short cut
Down a single track
And we, got, stuck!

No way forward
No way back
We ..... sat.

Mike stressed
Didn't like the rest
Wanted to do his best
To get us on the move.

Rach and I
Were just fine
Whiling away the time
Selfie taking.

And then I decided
To see what was out there.
I turned my camera
And shot outside.

Zooming in
I could see
What I couldn't
Without the tech.

Trees in the sunshine
Fields full of green
Ponies wondering
Glories of spring.

It was quite sad
When at last
The block was past
We were again fast
But it made me laugh
When we passed
That pony
In the road
A slow load.

Thanks pony
For showing me
Spring beauty.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful commentary on looking on the bright side of things. I Really enjoyed this.