Saturday, 16 April 2016

Speccies Reading #review #glasses #shopping

Opened this month is Speccies, a brand new shop on Cross Street in Reading.
Speccies is a brand new way to buy prescription glasses and sunglasses. 
Instead of paying through the nose for your glasses at one of the large chains, you can take your eye test prescription straight to Speccies and get expert advice whilst trying on hundreds of designer frames at internet low prices.

And the even better news, is that the lenses are all made and supplied by Speccies high-tech optical laboratory that produces lenses and glasses for many other optical retailers and opticians in the UK. 

"Whether you want to look professional, fashionable, sexy or all three, you can choose your eyewear from the fabulous collections of top designer frames online. When it comes to lenses, we supply the world’s leading lens technologies in terms of both spectacle lenses and contact lens options. So, if you insist on high quality and excellent value, then choose Speccies."

As you all know.  I have lost almost all my eye sight thanks to MS; but I still need to protect my eyes from UV rays and so I went to Speccies for some sunglasses and also some UV protect glasses to use when I'm on my computer or screen which is emitting UV rays all the time.

I was incredibly impressed with the range of frames on offer and even more impressed with the advice I received on which frames suited me and would meet my complex needs.

And the effect on my bank account?
A fraction of that I have paid in the past even from the discount stores, and no hidden extras to shock you at the end.

I highly recommend Speccies to you; pop in and say hi to the wonderful owner Uki and say Emma sent you.  She'll treat you like a long lost friend.  
You'll never buy glasses anywhere else again.

Find out more about the Speccies store in Reading HERE

Fair Blogger Policy:  
Uki is a friend at my Church.  
I received a discount for being the first customer at the Speccies store 
but all opinions are completely my own.

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