Saturday, 16 April 2016

Neuropathic Pain #AtoZofMS #AtoZChallenge #poetry

Neuropathic pain
Neuropathic pain (nerve pain) is caused by damage to the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

Pins and needles
up and down my body
always on the move

Sometimes scary
but usually just irritating
now I know the cause

Numbness stops me
it is petrifying
every time

On face or neck
down arms or legs
or in just one spot

Feels like burning
yet there's nothing to see
just nerves

Trick of the brain
no actual damage done
not externally

This is life
with neuropathy

This includes altered sensations such as pins and needles, numbness, crawling or burning feelings. Examples of nerve pain include painful sensations in the side of the face, called trigeminal neuralgia, and a tight feeling, often around the chest, called the MS hug. Pain in the limbs is very common.

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  1. Thanks for bringing awareness to this condition via poetry. Really a creative way to do it.

    I'm visiting via the A to Z Challenge.
    Writer In Transit
    Co-host Assistant on Team Joyful Brigade.