Sunday, 14 February 2016

Micropoetry for #juniordoctors #juniorcontract #medicalvalentines

Last night I was checking Twitter before bed and saw lots of poems with the following hashtags:


Well what better wind down activity could there be before bed than writing a few of my own knowing that it might add to their campaign. 

Junior Doctors, these are for you.  I'm behind you 100% for all you do to keep the NHS going so we all have access to free health care at the point of treatment.

Roses are red
Doctors are blue
They're not valued by Tories
But are, by me and you

Roses are red
Jeremy Hunt's blue
Junior doctors would treat him
They deserve a thank you

Rashes are red
Asphyxia is blue
We know that you'll be there
We're so grateful to you

When I'm bleeding red
What else would I do
Than go to A&E
Get stitched up by you

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