Monday, 16 November 2015

Who stole my spoons?

I'm sure I counted right
I had ten spoons this morning
I used a couple first thing
Then two more as day continued
But then mid afternoon
I couldn't keep from snoring
And the shakes had escalated
And the head was thumping loud
And I couldn't get off the sofa
No matter what I tried

I did the usual things
With lots of help from Rachel
A big glass of water
And a crunchy apple
But still I couldn't walk
My balance gone askew
And then the light switched on
I knew someone stole my spoons

I want to know
Was it you?
Don't worry
I'm only joking

I know who stole my spoons
It was me and lack of routine
I missed my lunch
And cake for brunch
Didn't sustain my energy
That's what brought me to my knees
So now I'm off to bed
Choir songs I'll listen to instead

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