Thursday, 12 November 2015

Spoon Theory and Me

You might well see me write about spoon theory; I probably have used it already.  This is the idea that we all start the day with a set number of spoons of energy and once they're all used up our day is done.
The idea was first developed by a lady called Christine and you can read about her and the theory here
I've used spoon theory to help me manage my mental health.  When I'm manic I can believe I have 1000 spoons and can do everything I want in any given day; I never get tired.  When I'm depressed I often feel like I have a mere 10 and it can take 3 just to get up, dressed, breakfast and out the house.
MS has taken my value of spoons to a whole new level.
Getting out of bed = 1
Shower = 10
Get dressed = 3
Breakfast = 1
Scooter to church = 3
Meeting = 2
Eat lunch = 2
Etc etc
I do not currently have the capacity to have a shower on the same day that I have a meeting unless my lunch is ready made in the fridge and tea pre-prepared by Mike ready for him to come home and I can sleep in the afternoon. 
I am determined to save 3-5 spoons to at least be able to chat to Rachel and play a game with her after school;I have to be careful.   These are the sort of things I have to think about.

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