Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stuck in PiP hell!

After 7 months going through the personal independence payment application and assessment process (previously disability living allowance) they've decided my situation has changed too much to continue with the existing application. Now I'm required to start the whole process again and be assessed again and wait even more. 

How is this an acceptable system?  All those pages have to be filled in again stating how awful my mobility, pain and sight is, it's depressing enough without having to write it all down again.  And since my sight loss means I can't see the forms any more I have to have someone do it for me.

All I want is support to be able to live as fill a life as possible from the government that we pay our taxes to. Is it really too much to ask?

Good job I'm a really stubborn woman who won't let this beat me.  Watch out PiP I'm coming to get you and then I'm coming to change the system because it's cruel.

(I will share more about how I've found the whole PiP process in the future but I don't have the energy right now.)

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