Thursday, 12 November 2015

One week of symptoms

In order to inform my appointment with the neurologist last week I had recorded every symptom I had experienced over seven days.  It even shocked me when I read through them all and perhaps this gives the most accurate view of what it's like right now for me.  It's not a pretty list and I'm embarrassed by much of it, but what's the point in keeping a blog about MS if I miss out the reality.

- double vision
- loss of vision
- lack of colour vision
- eye pain when reading or moving eyes
- eye sight was worse in the spa pool and went blank in my left eye when I got really hot!

- constant headaches not relieved by paracetamol
- migraines with aura including dizziness and nausea

- tinnitus
- reduced hearing in left ear

- stabbing pain in left arm
- lack of feeling in left arm
- pain in left hand
- shakes in left arm
- pins and needles in left hand, arm and shoulder and neck and back

- spasm in left leg (three times)
- no feeling in left leg
- weakness in my leg
- left leg pain after a few steps

- pain shoots down my back if I let my head flop forward

- reflux
- choking on food

- keep loosing my words

-  reduced bladder control

This zentangle
With seven sections
One for each day
As different as can be
This is the MS life
This is life for be

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