Thursday, 19 November 2015

Forms forms forms

You can't walk and need assistance getting about
Complete this form

You can't see and would like vision support
Complete this form

You're depressed and need help
Complete this form

You need a blue parking badge
Complete this form

You are told you can travel at reduced cost on public transport
Complete this form
And this form

You want to take a mobility scooter on public transport
Complete this form
For every bus operator
And every train operator

You need to be registered partially sighted
Complete your section of this form

Now you need to be registered as severely sight impaired
Complete your section of the same form for a second time

You need financial support
Ring us
Complete a form
Complete another form
Get written proof from everyone
Wait wait and wait some more
Complete this form

My life has never had so many forms in it; good job they don't freak Mike or I out at all.  And at least we're doing our bit keeping the Royal Mail in business.

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