Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Can't see that

I pick up a letter
Can't make it out
Find my magnifier
Still can't see that

I go to the fridge
Check the label
Is it expired?
I can't see that

Pour my cereal
Mostly in the bowl
Crunch under foot
Can't see that

Turn on the TV
Try to find strictly
Stupid schedule
I can't see that

Rachel finds it
We settle down to watch
Dresses are beautiful
But I can't see that

Hamster needs feeding
Food into bowl
"You've missed it mum
Can't you see that?"

Put on some washing
Try to set the dial
And yes you've guessed it
I can't see that

Letter home from school
Needs my signature
Rachel guides my hand
Coz I can't see that

Make notes on paper
Try to read them back
Photo them and zoom
Otherwise can't see that

Realise I've ordered
National geographic
Will be giving that away
Won't see that

These are just some ways
Life is really tricky
You'd be amazed how often
I say "can't see that"

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