Saturday, 28 November 2015

Visor low vision magnifier #review #s5 #android @seevisor

I know that it's amazing what you can find on Twitter but I didn't expect to find an answer to my reading problems. 

I can't tell you how I found @seevisor or why I followed them but I'm really glad I did. They have made a simple yet effective app for using my S5 as a magnifier.  

Visor - low vision.  

And yes, I've already reviewed other magnifiers, but this goes four steps further:
1. It has really good auto focus
2. You can switch on a light to make the image brighter
3. It offers a number of different colour options for reading.  Black on white, white on black, blue on yellow or yellow on blue.
4. There are four levels of zoom to meet anyones needs

And #3 is where the magic happens.  When I put the page into white text on a black background I can see so much better. And when I zoom (#4) into this I can actually read. 


Now all I need is a way of stopping my hands from shaking, anyone got any ideas on that one?
Perhaps a mini tripod?

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