Friday, 24 June 2016

Who's running the asylum now? #EURefResults

It is true
It seems like a nightmare
But you're awake
Yes really
The lunatics have taken over
Our country is in the hands of the mad men
And I am terrified
Anxiety souring
Peace has flown the nest
Because that was our safety net
Europe is a community
And even when we don't agree
It's a place for sharing
And debate
Where we can relate
Through difference
As much as similarity
Less about control
Than being free

Not resource hoarding
But now that is gone
We are gone
And soon will be forgotten
All those of us 
Who are seen as less
The poor and lame
The disabled and in pain
At the bottom of the pile
They don't care
To share
They don't wish
To give
What they hold
So tight
So the future's
Not bright
This is my fear
I shed a tear
For those far and near
Who now for years
Might suffer.
You may not agree
But don't shout at me
This is my blog
And my opinions can be free
It is my fear
It is my life
And that of my child
Who, with eyes wide
Left for school
Not knowing who'll
Be running the country
Now an Island alone
Not knowing what
The future outside the zone
Will bring
For me
For her
For the future
Who's running the asylum now?
And how?


  1. That's a thoughtful poem. I wish I could say more.

    Thank you for sharing and I offer a virtual hug.


  2. I am actually speechless. Not the result that the majority (I think) hoped for. Such a shame this country has gone so downhill. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  3. So so depressing, can't believe the result 😟 #fabfridaypost

  4. I'm shocked at the decision and share the worries of you, your daughter and all those at the bottom of the heap. I'm sad that many who were already suffering voted to Leave, believing it was the way forward. I fear it wasn't. Hopefully we are wrong.

  5. I'm still in shock from the other side of the pond. I can't believe it either. I also fear for my children too. Thank you for linking up your poem with us on #FabFridayPost

  6. This is so true and really hits home with me. I still can't believe it five days on and wish that my amazing country that i love choose unity instead of fear. Oh well.....we can all move to Scotland right?! :) #Prose4T

  7. I have also written a poem ready for tomorrow's Prose for Thought about this very subject. It has stirred so many emotions in so many people. This is superb. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  8. Just seen this via the Britmums poetry round-up, and what a profound message. I was also very upset with the result, although truthfully I had not paid much attention to EU affairs throughout my life. It always just ticked over in the background, you know? Still, once we officially cut the ties, I felt strangely bereft. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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