Sunday, 20 December 2015

A tale of two scooters #ms

This is a tale of two scooters
Mobility scooters that is
They gave me my independence
And sanity as a second gift

When I lost my mobility
Church friends gave me #1
It got me up to sports day
And other sources of fun

It really was a god send
My friends don't know how much
But when I could no longer drive
It couldn't get on the bus

So we researched other options
And a foldable model we chose
It's light and very agile
And on public transport goes

To see just what I mean
Look at images 3 and 4
In two seconds flat or so
It's flat packed by the door

But then one day the new one
Showed it's little flaw
The fuses are hidden inside
Design is a little poor

But that's OK because senior
Was waiting patiently
And stepped up to the task
When junior was being pesky

So that's the tale of two scooters
One reliable, other frisky
Their great as a tag team
Giving me mobility

And if you're looking at the image
And wondering about number 2
That's a little dream I have
Well you would, wouldn't you?

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